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We Help Active Duty Military and Veterans Create Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing

If you don't know where to start with real estate investing and suffer from information overload, this website is for you.  We felt the same way, until we figured it out.  So, we decided to create the
Military House Hacking book, outlining exactly what to do.  Step by step.  So you can feel confident taking the first step in creating the greatest freedom this country has to offer---financial freedom for you and your family through real estate investing. 

Grab A Digital Copy Of Our Best-Selling Book For FREE!
Military House Hacking Ebook

The Book That 7,280 Active Duty & Veterans Are Using To Create Passive Income

Discover How You Can Earn $10K A Month
While In The Military With Real Estate Investing

Our Strategy Is All About Monthly Cash Flow. 
We Buy-And-Hold Income Producing Properties.
Properties That Cashflow From The Day Of Acquisition.

Let's Do Some Math....To Show You What's Possible!


Who Is Active Duty Passive IncomeTM For?


⭐️ You love the military and everything it has provided you

⭐️ You do not want to be scrambling financially when the day comes to transition back into the civilian world

⭐️ You want to learn how to invest in Real Estate, while still keeping your military job as your priority

⭐️ You want to learn about the best turnkey real estate investing opportunities

⭐️ You are sick of “get rich quick schemes" and want to learn how to build wealth from a trusted source, while still in the Military

⭐️ You are looking for education, resources, an active community and step-by-step checklists to guide you, as you move forward with Real Estate investing

⭐️ You want to achieve financial freedom through PASSIVE INCOME created through strategic Real Estate investing

⭐️ You prefer to learn from a community of like-minded Real Estate investors, who are active duty military, veterans, retired and/or spouses

⭐️ You want to establish your own financial strategy, build confidence and competence and make fewer mistakes through really sound Real Estate investing education


Ready To Get Started?
Here Is What To Do Next

We invite you to start with the FREE stuff!  Our e-book, blog, podcast and Facebook group.
When you are ready to take action, we have the BEST online courses and group coaching.

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Grab A Digital Copy Of Our Best-Selling Book

Over 7,200 copies of this book have been downloaded!  Inside the Military House Hacking book, you will discover...

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Join Our Facebook Group!

We are an active group of over 10,000 active duty, veteran and military spouse real estate investors and entrepreneurs that want to go WAY further than simply establishing and maintaining a solid financial foundation

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Read Our Blog!

Our team publishes articles every week about finding properties, geographic and financial criteria for a good deal, cash flow and other ratios to calculate ROI, financing options, tax, legal and more!

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The Military Real Estate Investing Academy

The ONLY online course that is laser-focused on teaching military members how to achieve financial freedom through passive income by investing in real estate.
Enroll today!

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Action Takers Only Mastermind (A.T.O.M)

This is our exclusive mastermind, designed for those who want to capitalize on their education and succeed in real estate investing! Operation A.T.O.M. compliments the Military Real Estate Investing Academy (MREIA) with ongoing group coaching to keep you motivated, focused, and accountable! 

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FREE 45-Minute Coaching Call With Mike Foster

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? What kind of lifestyle do you want to live? Are you still in the military? How much passive income do you need? Not sure? Need some direction? Now, think about all the things holding you back. The excuses you've made, or the lies you've told yourself over the years about why its not possible. Let's re-visit YOUR goals today!

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The Military Multi Family Academy

Learn our proven system on how to buy your first 6 or 7 figure multifamily property and make a profit, even if you have know nothing about Multi Family investing. This program is launched quarterly.  Enroll today, or get on the waitlist!



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